Christopher Scott Hamilton was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1965, only a few minutes drive from the Delta blues region. His personal style of singing and playing began developing at a very early age. He was brought up with southern ole time hymnal music, and with his dad playing jazz piano. Young Christopher was playing drums by the age of 2 and he had already figured out a few chords on the acoustic guitar by the age of 3. He had an electric guitar by the age of 7.

He began playing the saxophone in the 4th grade and had picked up the bass guitar by the 6th grade. Because of his love for the guitar and for singing, he studied many musical styles including rock, pop, hard rock, jazz, hill country blues, delta blues and flamenco guitar. Since Scott was completely self taught, you can expect to hear his unique style ranging from rock electric guitar, semi hollowbody to his National Resophonic Tricone slide guitar.